Fund Raiser for the MotherGrove-$250


This is a donation fund to help raise the yearly budget for the RDG Mother Grove.

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This helps pay some of the expenses of the MG for the administration of the REFORMED DRUIDS OF GAIA.These include our internet fees: monthly hosting, domain name, etc.
We need approximately $5,000 to meet all of our RDG related expenses for one year. Your donation is tax deductable.
Thank you in advance.  We wish you all a blessed New Year.

May  you NEVER THIRST for the Waters of Life and
May the Great Redwood Forest be With you all!

Rev Druid Ellis “Sybok” Arseneau, OMS
Clerk of the Mother Grove, Cylch Cerddwyr Rhwing y Bydoedd Grove, Eureka CA USA  EARTH