Seren Derwydd


Seren Derwydd:  Welsh for “Star of the Druids.

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Seren Derwydd:  Welsh for “Star of the Druids.”This pendant is worn by members of the Reformed Druids, and features the ancient symbol of the Druids, a Seven Pointed Star.

The seven pointed star illustrates the seven  characteristics of a  mature Druid:

  • Point #1: Doethiweb — Wisdom
  • Point #2: Eluseugan — Compassion
  • Point #3: Rhyddfrydwr — Liberal (Progressive)
  • Point #4: Wmbredd – Abundance
  • Point #5: Ymnellltuaeth — Noncomformity
  • Point #6: Dysg — Learning
  • Point #7: Delfrydwr – Idealist

This one is rendered in stainless steel.

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