Reformed Druidism 202


Prerequisite for the RDG 3rd Order.

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Required course for the RDG Third Order (Clergy).

A Self Study Program In 10 Steps

A Reformed Druids Anthology

Being a compilation of documents and writings from the past 40+ years of the Reformed Druid movement.
Compiled by Michael Scharding, RDNA Archivist, Past Archdruid, Carleton Grove, RDNA

STEP 1: What was Reformed Druidism in the Beginning at Carleton?
STEP 2: Views on the Reform by Early Druids Besides Frangquist
STEP 3: Eclectic Interests of the Druids of the Early Reform
STEP 4: Learning those Strange Terms, Rules and Trivia
STEP 5: Early Carleton Services
STEP 6: The Affairs of the Shelton Archdruidcy
STEP 7: The Intermediate Phase: The Great Debates of the Isaac Affairs
STEP 8: The Branching of the Reform – Middle Isaac Affair
STEP 9: The Conclusion of the Great Debate & the Formation of ADF
STEP 10: Review of History of Reformed Druidism